You are about to turn over all of your household possessions to a mover. Much of the stress that comes with moving can be relieved by hiring the right people. A wrong choice can result in serious costs – emotional and financial.

A scam operator will take advantage of consumers by offering cut-rate prices, making unrealistic promises, inflating the price on moving day and holding the household possessions for ransom. There are also individuals who set themselves up as move brokers, trolling for customers on-line. They do not have trucks, offices, manpower, warehouses, workplace safety certificates or insurance coverage. Instead, they simply find customers, then broker the business out to anyone who will agree to accept the order. Be certain that the company you choose does in fact have the resources to handle your move.

Research prospective moving companies before making your final selection. Ask for estimates from at least three reputable movers in your area. Ensure a consultant comes to your home and provides you your estimate and special requests in writing. Look for the best value – not the best price.

Contact the Canadian Association of Movers or 1-866-860-0065 for a list of Certified Canadian Movers in your area. The Certified Canadian Mover Program is based on a code of ethics and the Good Practice Guidelines and Consumer checklist developed by Industry Canada’s Office of Consumer Affairs.