Make moving arrangements as far ahead as possible.


Notify the following organizations of your change of address: Post Office, Utilities, Vehicle Leasing, Banks and Financial Institutions, Doctor, Dentist, School Authorities, Family and Old Age Pension Allowances, Magazine Publishers.


Wherever possible, try to move at times other than the beginning or end of the month, when all movers are busiest.


Before moving, dispose of hazardous materials, as it is illegal to ship such items as flammable, explosive or corrosive liquids, compressed gases such as propane tanks.


Drain items such as outboard motors and power mowers. Leave approximately 1/4 tank of gas in automobiles.


If moving in cold weather, articles subject to freezing should not be shipped on the moving van. For example, plants, perishable foods, and preserves.


Do not include in your shipment currency, jewelry, valuable papers, and keys to cabinets. Movers cannot take liability for articles of extraordinary value.


Automatic washers and dryers should be disconnected prior to your moving crew’s arrival. Front load washers require a blocking kit for safe shipping.


Refrigerators should be defrosted and emptied prior to move day.


Ensure personal items you do not want included in your shipment are in a designated area. For example your cell phone, cameras, laptops etc.


Discuss the moving of your freezer and contents with your moving consultant.


Advise the moving consultant where you may be contacted at destination.


Tie or tape brooms, mop handles and curtain rods in bundles.


Make arrangements prior to moving day to have all fixtures removed. Have swing sets, portable tool sheds and power tools dismantled.


When an automobile is being shipped on the van during the winter months, store it in a heated garage at least 24 hours prior to shipment. This will ensure that ice and snow have melted and will not damage goods onboard the van.


Get estimated and promises in writing. Allied will be pleased to confirm all aspects of our services by a moving contract.